Project Yoga Cincinnati


What Is It?

Kombucha is a refreshing tea drink that is naturally effervescent, flavored with fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. Originated in Northeast China around 2,000 years ago, people praise the drink for it’s array of organic acids, probiotics, antioxidants and variety of tastes.

The Good Stuff.

Loaded with iron, B and C vitamins and enzymes, kombucha is healthy stuff. Vitamin B helps ease stress levels and curb sugar cravings. Vitamin C increases immune system health and helps our cardiovascular system. Kombucha has about 30 calories per eight ounces– far less than many fruit juices and those evil soft drinks.

Your Gut & You

The probiotics in kombucha help with digestion by breaking down food better for nutrient absorption. These probiotics can promote healthy gut flora, which helps digest food better and maintain a healthy PH level. Cheers to less constipation and a healthier immune system! And what about antioxidants in kombucha? Kombucha has detoxifying properties, which can help cleanse your liver.

Project Yoga will be presenting OMBREW 2017 on Saturday, August 12th from noon to 2:30. OMBREW includes an all level yoga class, a you pick six kombucha flight and lite bites. The master fermenters from Fab Ferments will fill us in on their process and the benefits of this ancient beverage.

To learn more and register (spaces are limited) visit

Thanks to these neighbor businesses for hosting Project Yoga for OMBREW 2017! Events like this help to sustain 15+ classes every week in Cincinnati and Dayton. That’s alot of exhales.