Project Yoga Cincinnati

Pinch Me, Please!

Is Gina Fennell really Project Yoga’s new Executive Director?! I am so excited and confident in her ability to lead Project Yoga to great places. Gina came to our first Friendraiser Breakfast in 2014 and was moved by our stories. Her heartfelt tears touched me. They were a reminder how powerful these simple practices can be, and how lives are changed forever when kindness and compassion are exchanged between students and teachers.

More and more, meditation, breathing and yoga are being given the endorsement they deserve by mental and physical health professionals. Research continues to prove the healing benefits these practices have. It’s working, people. It’s working!

Yoga improves the quality of life, reduces stress, enhances self efficacy, increases self confidence, sharpens attention, increases inspiration, joy and self love…those are just the beginning of the benefits. Research is proving what yogis have long known. I couldn’t be more proud of Project Yoga’s role in this important, life-changing work. As more people cultivate an understanding of the science of yoga and how healing it can be, support will continue to grow.

Along with the expansion of many of our programs, our Namast’ay in School program is growing with the addition of teaching groups of teachers at select schools specific practices they can use in classrooms. What an incredibly great idea!

I am deeply grateful to all of you. Please stay tuned as we enter our fall season. You are our cheerleaders and your support allows Project Yoga to grow and build an empowered community. We need you – and the world needs us!

Katy Knowles
Co-Founder, Project Yoga
Board Chair