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Project Yoga is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the therapeutic and healing benefits of yoga to underserved and at-risk communities. We teach our constituents how to reduce stress levels, increase flexibility (in body and mind), and improve their emotional outlook through yoga, mindful breathing and meditation. To learn more, view this short video.

DOHN Student


Over 300 people experience Project Yoga every week. Daily, we at Project Yoga are in awe of how each student finds their "own" practice. Many have shared their experiences with us.


Your tax deductible donation to Project Yoga ensures that our community's most vulnerable people have access to the benefits of yoga. Please give what you can: money, time, talents, or that old mat sitting in your closet.

  • Latest News

    • A Sentiment Worth Sharing

      Posted by pycincinnati on December 20, 2016

      During this wonderful, warm-hearted, busy time of year…

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    • Collaboration with JFS

      Posted by pycincinnati on October 29, 2016

      Fran Gafvert, LISW-S and Director of the Vital Support Center for Jewish Family Service, is “very pleased with the collaboration between Project Yoga and our agency. Clients are moving in ways that bring a calm stillness to their daily stresses. It’s a pleasure to watch the transformation from tension to total relaxation.” JFS Project Yoga […]

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    • Pinch Me, Please!

      Posted by pycincinnati on January 5, 2016

      Is Gina Fennell really Project Yoga’s new Executive Director?! I am so excited and confident in her ability to lead Project Yoga to great places.

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    • Our Wish For You!

      Posted by pycincinnati on December 23, 2015

      We hope this time of year finds you merry & bright! Best wishes this holiday season. For updates and info on Project Yoga, read on!

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    • Finding Calm in the Chaos

      Posted by pycincinnati on December 18, 2015

      Project Yoga has been teaching the residents of Bethany House for over three years. Mothers and their children live in a 14 room home on Fairmount Avenue, just west of downtown Cincinnati. This year, the Bethany shelter supported 400 families. Project Yoga is a regular part of the Bethany’s Life Skills program. All of the mothers who live […]

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    • New York Times Article on Meditation

      Posted by pycincinnati on August 23, 2013

      In the July 5th, 2013 New York Times Sunday Review, David DeSteno discussed the mounting scientific evidence that the practice of meditation can reduce suffering.

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